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How many fears are there? I got to the monster under my bed but I cant get past it :

You actually got far ! Dang , I congratulate you on that! it’s been a while since I did this game. But it does have six fears! 😊 Only one more after the one you’re on and than your done . Hint for the monsters under your bed. The exit is the same as the monster. Won’t say more and thank you for playing although it’s old. 

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I did it! that was pretty hard

one tip: in your game's settings on itch, you can increase the size of the viewport so that the whole game is visible - right now the bottom of your game is being cut off because the viewport is too short

Uhh, how do i do this , this is the second i attempted to put up a game .plus i didn't even notice. Let me see here....

doe it work now?

Thank you for letting me know!