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Hey Z, I like this a lot. There a few typos but that doesn't matter. My favorite poem is #4, Broken Dreams, because I can relate it to a specific event in my past. Especially the first stanza and the lines "We don't ever think about // those who we hurt // even if for a moment // or how their lives are"

I have a remarkable ability to "get over"/forget people - I think I have problems manifesting certain emotions and having empathy sometimes. Paired with a bad habit of completely cutting people out of my life if they are not currently benefiting me, I have made some bad decisions in the past. With some people, I was able to make up, and with others, I have only heard stories of how their lives have gone since I abandoned them. Your poem helps me realize that my actions may be hurting people. This is something I need to learn.

Additionally, I like that your goal was to exemplify negative emotions in a new perspective. When I write poetry, I am incredibly negative and edgy. I am not typically like that. In my submission to the poetry jam, I embraced these feelings and went as hardcore as I could. If you wanna check that out, you can!

First, thank you for commenting. It really makes my day! Second, I’m glad that you noticed your wrongs. Ignorance can be bliss but sometimes people really don’t see what they’re doing wrong until it’s clear in their face. I went through this as well. Seeing as I didn’t know anyone who didn’t think differently from the people around me.So, without knowing it, I was possibly hurting a lot of others around me. Sadly, I always seem to remember these things. Which is a bummer when I know I changed, but I feel like I cannot let it go. 

Anyway, most of my poems are usually like yours. But more dark , twisted and maybe fantasy like. It was fun to try something like this. Cause I’m one for trying out most things. So, when I have time...I would definitely try out your submission . Again thank you 


Its a superb collection.
So personnal yet resonating with me on so many points !

"while their torturer lives in ignorance.
oblivious to the consequences.
like it’s just the leaves in the air.
they let it pass on by"

Some lines really hit me !!!
The layout is super cool !

Thank you, it’s so nice to hear since it took me a while to get together. 😊 I really had a way in mind on how it should go. So glad it turned out amazing.